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This part kills me.  Blaine grabs Kurt’s hand when he starts freaking out.

And then Kurt pulls Blaine’s hand closer to him

And starts petting Blaine’s hand with his thumb. *_____*

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This is why I love them



I can’t, not reblog. Its just too good. 

Dean’s gun, Merida’s arrow and Captain America’s shield - fucking best of the lot.

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Chris Colfer: “That one…was one of my favorite ones until I saw it and saw just how tight those pants were. Um, and I’m still recovering with…many therapists over that. Um, because they were not, they did not seem that tight in, in the fittings or the trailer before I came out. Just the magic of lighting, that’s what it will do.”

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And here we can see the Blogger in her natural habitat.


The blogger is a shy, docile creature…


… that prefers the darkness…


… and tends to be wary of the outside world.


The Blogger rarely sleeps, and when it does, it does so in seemingly random places.image

We have attempted to understand the dietary habits of the Blogger…


… but to no avail.


I am so glad this is back

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Hello Michelle, I am writing to you because there's a thing that is making me really sad today: I've seen that even if we really don't know how much truth there's in those spoilers, some people are yet blaming Chris for the presumed Klaine break up. Even if they are saying this because of what he has said during the summer about them being too young to get married, I think that it is too much anyway. If people for some reason don't want to blame the writers, they should shut up about Chris too.
by Anonymous


Hi Honey

I heard about that this morning also - a couple of blogs I follow got anons stating this

And it bothered me as well.

This is as bad as all the BG news last year saying that Chris wanted Darren off the show - complete bullshit and lies

(Chris and Darren LOVE working together - they LOVE the down time between shots as we have all seen - they are not working against each other)

And yet - sadly, this is not a surprise

and it’s just someone trying to get everyone riled up again. (someone with a very specific agenda and absolutely NO proof of what they say)

Chris of course has nothing to do with it - it could even be a PR mole who is doing it.

Chris has fought against them - and talked out against his dislikes of the writing

He is tired of Kurt being a sub story to everyone else’s plots (ie. Rachel)

he is against the marriage because the couple has been undeveloped (not to mention they are very young)

even with what the current spoilers are this year - let them fight and break up - hook up with others on a massive rebound (oh that was your high school tormentor and bully - oops) but all is ok- we can work it out without really working on it - so hell lets get married - that’s stable.

He doesn’t trust the writers - and I don’t blame him.

As much as I want to see them married - and we have EARNED that wedding scene (cause you know C&D would do amazing htings with it)

I agree with him.

I was honestly hoping the time jump would be much more significant

Klaine really has outgrown Glee - and they just don’t know how to write them  effectively and consistently anymore.

Kurt + from undressed to well-dressed

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